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There are so many options on how to display and sell you product, and it is our goal to aid you in that process if needed.  Quality offers various Bins and Shelves that quite possibly would be your best choice, but ultimately that is up to you on what you stock and how you wish to display it.  You may already have shelves and only want Bins, or you may want to display using only our boxes.


Below are some samples of Bins and Types of Shelving we can help you with, if you are interested:



Quantum Offers a multitude of Bins that work for many situations, and we can offer all of them, but we would recommend you review the QUS230 or QUS234 Bins.   These Bins of the QUS Series are basically identical in Height and Width and only the Length Varies.  They are a sturdy, and would last a long time.  They also have a large Label Opening ( As a side note we will supply labels to fit these Bins at n/chg to you ).  Quantum also offer many varieties of Shelving, which include Wire or Steel which are shown below:


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Quantum - QUS230 Bins - 10-7/8"L x 5-1/2"W x 5"H

Quantum - QUS234 Bins - 14-3/4"L x 5-1/2"W x 5"H

Quantum - Wire Shelving
Quantum - Wire Shelving Information
Quantum - Wire Shelving.pdf
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Quantum - Steel Shelving
Quantum - Steel Shelving Information
Quantum - Steel Shelving.pdf
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           Quantum - Wire Shelving

             Quantum - Steel Shelving

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