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Bulk Program:

Our original Bulk Package Program utilizes10LB (Bulk Pack) and 5LB (Bin Pack) Packaging that allows Retail Stores the ability to stock multiple sizes of the more common product without having excessive inventory of the slower moving sizes.  This creates better turns of the inventory and has the investment in the faster moving product where it is needed.


In addition to our Bulk Package Program we have also incorporated smaller packaging for Specialty and Metric Product, which again addresses the issues of a cost effective way to buy these items, and still not have excessive inventory.  In this instance we offer a 2LB (Store Pack) and 4LB (Medium Pack) which minimize the cost of having these items on the shelf and available to your customer.


Line Card:

Please use our Line Card (Excel or PDF) for quick reference to the most common items we stock.  We have other products that we may carry a limited stock or do not stock, but are available on an order by order basis.  We are more than happy to source these items for you. 

Main Catalog:

Due to regular updates and product changes in our inventory, our cataloging available on our website may not always show all the items we have, and if there is something of interest you do not see, please feel free to contact us for the most current catalog in Excel and/or PDF format.


Unique features of our program that put us a step above the rest:

Color Coded Grades - Easier to identify for the store and the customer.  

Highly visible Colored Labels - Makes receiving of orders a breeze.      

Package Design - Easy Open and Sturdy Boxes - Simple but Important.

High Fill Ratios - We ship historically 97% or better on most of our orders.

Pallet Organization - All pallets are stacked by packing list sequence to enhance receiving of your orders.


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Quality Nut & Bolt Company is a Wholesale supplier to Farm and Hardware Stores across the USA