Inventory Planning - Product Group Rankings

 Our environment is always changing, and so goes that with Nuts & Bolts. A retail store's biggest challenge in this aspect, is what is the optimum inventory needed to meet his customers needs.  This decision is not always an easy one, and there are a lot of options to consider.  It is and has always been our goal to give our customers good information of what's selling and what's not, and to do this we keep historical data not only of our product groups, but also each individual customers purchases through out the year.  This data is by product and by size, and if requested we pass this information along to our customers.  Below you will find the most popular product groups that are the best option to stock and sell by the pound. (This historical information is based upon sales in 2018-2019)


In inch series Course or better known as National Course (NC) and National Fine (NF) the product groups below would be groups we'd recommend as stock groups. They are the bread and butter items in Bulk Bolts by the LB and would constitute the majority of your sales. We show below various rankings of each particular group and this information is available to you in pdf format as well.  We only show rankings of the most popular sizes, based upon historical data, but also show the multitude of sizes we do stock in order to supply product to many of our customers who stock more than just the popular sizes.  This information is for reference only and since every individual store has it's own needs or preferences, this information is used only as a guide as to what you may or may not want to inventory.  There are many things to consider when developing an optimum inventory, and we are available to assist you in that planning with suggested inventory based upon space available, the market you intend to persue etc.


Printable Forms:  Each product group below is available to download or print from our - Forms Product Rankings Page



Product shown below may or may not be preferred items to stock.  A lot depends upon customer choice wether to stock as much Grade 5 Carriage as you are capable or just a chosen few that seem to be predominate in that group. 



In Inch Series Product, Fine Thread, normally described as SAE or NF can be a difficult choice whether to stock or not.  Movement in this product is very minimal and we would recommend stocking the least possible inventory of any size of this product.  This product does sell, but should not be considered a mainstay in your inventory plans.  If you do plan to stock NF product, you then also would need to stock various nut configurations of your choice to compliment them.


This page is in the development stages, and we will be adding content through out 2019 in hopes to aid our current and prospective customers in their decision making in regards to what inventory they may want to stock.

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